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    The Dealer/Distributor operates itself as an independent contractor and is not in partnership with Cyber Life™ LED. No right has been given to the Dealer/Distributor to enter into any agreement or commitment in the name or behalf of Cyber Life™ LED or to bind Cyber Life™ LED in any respect whatsoever. Neither shall anything contained herein or done in pursuance hereof, constitute the parties as legal representatives of the other for any purpose whatsoever. There exists no employer-employee relationship between Cyber Life™ LED and the Dealer/Distributor. Hence the Dealer/Distributor, its agents and employees shall under no circumstances be considered as employees, agents, and representatives, of Cyber Life™ LED. Neither shall the Dealer/Distributor make any representation, guarantee or warranty with respect to a Cyber Life™ LED product or service that is not sanctioned by Cyber Life™ LED or the product manufacturer. Cyber Life™ LED shall not be responsible for any negligence or default of the Dealer/Distributor, its agents and employees, and will keep Cyber Life™ LED indemnified against the same and all actions, proceedings, claims, demands, and expenses.

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